The crisis of governance

Prehistory management.
Egyptian priests of the first ones to come to understand the world on the basis of three categories of matter, information and measures.
Setting a goal of victory in any war, they introduced changes into the Bible, have formed an army of managers.
They hid category of measure (mutual change matter and information on the extent predetermined by the way).
Putting false questions about the primacy of matter or information, contrasting science and religion. by creating different currents in religion easily managed with the help of the principle of divide, "make enemies" and conquer.
Egyptian priests have predicted that there will come a time when it will no longer work, And the descendants of the priests were to prepare, and change management methods, this has not happened.

The world needs in a coordinated management.
Private example.
Now there are problems in ecology, in my opinion in the wrong soil treatment. The international division of land use could reduce volumes of tillage, to apply the methods of sparing tillage. Now underestimated problem of reduction of water rotation of the planet, in my opinion, more dangerous than the ozone hole. 
Globalization is not on the principle of "I'm smart, you're all fools".
And on the principle of "all we the people." We need a supply of equal conditions for all managers. i.e. Finance should go to the second plan, as the primary master should be the scope of production and services.
Creation of the information image of the owners of the financial system. The first thing that comes to mind, a comparison with the Morlocks, in a science fiction novella by H.G. Wells "The Time Machine". Total property, they are, but no one knows about their existence, no one think about how money and wealth possessed the owners of the financial system.
Or "head potato", as I propose in time . Its about Chief, which increase salaries for him/herself, in time, when results of his/her management decrease..
You can call them aliens, but this is the title they should be earned.
Inflation or deflation not a good thing or a bad thing, the main thing in whose interests the Inflation or deflation. Now Morlocs carry out inflation and financial crises only for their own benefit.
they want the standardization of instruction for maintenance of the current situation, even regress in the level of education, the formation of the people fragmentary knowledge, when they do not have a common understanding of world order.
This is the greed and narrow-minded of Morlocks." -
Farit Kashapov