Hello, I am Farit Kashapov Chief Executive Officer of working group Banking on Constant Values.
We share values of movement Global Alliance for Banking on Values. Such as people before profit, bankers part of society. We watch activities of movement GABV with interest. Remarkable interviews Dr Marcos Eguiguren from the Global Alliance, Peter Blom CEO of Triodos Bank Netherlands, Bold Magvan, CEO of Xac Bank and others with interesting issues.

Values is Values, we use in name of our group word Constant for emphasize. We try to calculate expanded CPI, and to build common technology of calculation for suggestion grounded rate of exchange of currency. We search constant measure of cost or of value. We research in this direction and try to use full CPI , and enter Unit of 1 day of living in Megapolis,
I named it Calculated Etalon of Cost.
Prices, wages calculated on Etalon of Cost don’t change in decades.
What this gives to us? We see seasons waves of prices, purchasing trends without inflation.
Other words CPI is a key way to measure changes in purchasing trend and inflation. Calculated Etalon of Cost it is unit without inflation (remark: on this step, inflation is characteristic of management).
Additionally, Leaning strategy of New Development Bank, established by BRICS we see common decisions, concerns with GABV, like this guys looks on one direction.

interview with Dr Marcos Eguiguren from Global Alliance,

Peter Blom CEO of Triodos Bank Zeist, Netherlands

Interview with Bold, Chief Executive Officer, Xac Bank (Mongolia): Unique Banking, Unique GABV